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Found Treasures

I was struck by this post on the Mslexia blog because the advice given to a new freelance writer is so simple and brilliant — her friend tells her that if she can’t pitch to people that day, she doesn’t have to. She can do other tasks that contribute towards her goals. Anxiety is difficult to deal with at the best of times, so a reminder that everyone has choices can be helpful. Sure, sometimes those choices suck, but you can work out which one sucks the least and choose that one.


I found Doll Hospital Journal when I was randomly surfing the internet and I’m bloody glad I did! It’s an “art and literature journal on mental health” which started after a Kickstarter campaign. They published both in print and digitally — you can buy a digital copy of the first issue here. The hard copies have sold out. The pricing policy is pay as you wish, so it’s accessible to as many people as possible, but the recommended price is £5 and it’s a wonderful project so please pay as much as you can afford. I bought my copy yesterday and have only read about half of it, but it’s great value based on what I’ve read so far.

Doll Hospital’s content is varied in both substance and format. There is poetry, drawing, creative writing, articles, photography, etc. covering a variety of mental illnesses, though depression and anxiety are featured most prominently. It contains inspiration, reassurance, raw emotion, motivation, companionship… A multitude of wonders!